Inspire 1

  • Capture 4K Video and 12MP Stills
  • Version 2.0 With New Motors/Props
  • Up to 1.2 Mile Radio Range
  • Optical Flow Sensor for Indoor Flying
  • Live 720p HD Monitoring with Lightbridge
  • Retractable Carbon Fiber Arms

DJI Phantom 3

  • 4K Video, 12 Megapixel Photos
  • Easy to Fly
  • Live HD View
  • Dedicated Remote Controller
  • Powerful Mobile App
  • Upgraded Battery Charger
  • Vision Positioning for Indoor Flight

DJI Phantom 4

Every Phantom 4, no matter what package you buy, comes with:

  • Inspire 1 X3 v2
  • Zenmuse Flir XT 336×256 9Hz Thermal Camera
  • Spot metering, temperature measurement at the mid-point
  • Take photos while recording video
  • Both cameras work with DJI Go App


  • Dual Battery Compartments
  • Full Mobile App Support
  • New N1 Flight Controller
  • Integrated LightBridge Live HD View
  • Customize with the DJI SDK

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