STOP paying other drone companies to do what you can do yourself!!

Drones and Real estate training! Taught by Rocky Mountain Drones is now offering a 2 day course especially designed for realtors. During the first day we will spend the day learning how to operate your DJI Phantom 3 Advanced 4k drone(which is included with cost of the class). During this training day you will learn in a classroom.

Day 1:

-Drone Firmware, drone controls,Camera operation , flight training using all the drone features, rule and safe operation… Plus lots more!!

-The Phantom 3 Advanced 4K is an awesome right out of the box platform that will get you taking professional aerial photography for yourself/company. (If you want to purchase a different DJI drone. We can order you what you want and still give you the needed training)

-Later that day we will go outdoors and practice flying your drone YOU will be the pilot and on your way to becoming a true Drone pilot!!!

Day 2 :

  • UAS Regulations Requirements
  • NAS Airspace Rules, Regulations & Terminology
  • Weather Information
  • UAS Loading and Performance
  • UAS Operations
  • Aviation Sectional Charts
  • Aviation Terminology
  • General Overviews

All for $1495 Only

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  • Operating Rules
  • UAS Ratings
  • Effects of Weather
  • Radio Communications
  • Airport Operations
  • Emergency Procedures
  • Aeronautical Decisions
  • Maintenance and  Inspection
  • At the end of this course you will be given a password and account to access your personal dashboard. This will allow you to review all area that were covered in class plus will allow you to take practice  FAA 107 test  with questions that are taken from the actual exam. 
  • The dashboard all has all the info, link and resources to guide you through the FAA test procedures.
  • The complete 2 day package course cost $1495 which includes both classroom instruction for drone operations with your own brand new DJI phantom 3 Advanced 4k Drone and the FAA 107 ground School.